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Bucket Dredge / Derrick Barge / TM2163BD


120' x 48' x 7' Spud Barge currently out of certificate. Can easily be certified. Last dry dock 2002
(3) spuds stern spud is trailing, all spud winches are hydraulic, controlled from enclosed elevated station. (2) American model 120 (3) drum winches for moving scows, hydraulic powered. Galley, machine room/shop, 25kw generator set Perkins. GM 471 for hydraulic. Double timber fenders full length both sides. Bucket grease rack. Load stability chart for heavy lift. Clam vision software, GPS positioning and computer hardware. PRICE: $750,000
Manitowoc 4100 W series II , 230 ton crane. Vicon 220' boom plus jib, (3) upper counter weights, (2) upper side counter weights, (1) carbody counter weight, new engine in 2007. Upgraded to 450 hp. Crane is reported to be in excellent condition. PRICE: $780,000
Location: MN
Price for everything: $1,530,000