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Cutter Head Dredge/ TM2380CD


8" Modified VMI Mini Dredge
Length: 52'
Width: 10'
Ladder: 23'
Total weight: 35,000 lbs


Main Power: GM 6-71 rated 277-bhp @2100 rpm
Cutter Head I.D.: 26"
Main Pump: Morris 10" x 8"
Impeller Diameter: 30"
Hydraulic Winches: Pullmaster
Line pull rating: 8000 lbs


This machine was originally built by VMI as a standard horizontal auger dredge. Then it was converted to a "conventional" rotating cutter head machine returning it to new condition. The cutter head, ladder, spuds, spud wells, and installed new swing winches and spud rams.


Location: TN
Price: $235,000