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  Dry-Dock / TM2518DD


Year Built: 2001 and in 2009 50' was added. 
Length: 220'
Breadth: 70'
Depth: 6'
Wing walls: 200' x 16' x 4'
Lifting capacity 2,800 short tons


Wing walls, pontoon sides and end plates are freshly coated with 2 coats of “PPG” epoxy coating.  Dry-Dock deck and deck fittings are freshly coated.

Ballast tanks and voids were freshly coated with one (1) coat “Royal Easy Kote” internal type coating. No wastage was sighted on internals.  All welds and support structure were found free of fractures and stress bending
The dry dock is in excellent working condition.


Location : TX
Price: $3,400,000.00  $2,120,000