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hopper barges for sale


hopper barges for sale

File #

Length  Width Height Description LOC Price Comments
TM2676H 195' 35' 12' Inland Hopper Barge FL $205,000 The barge was hit at the stern, there are two cracks about 4' down from the deck on each corner.
TM2723H 200' 35' 12' Inland Open Hopper Barges LA/AL Long Term Charter We have (19) barges built in 2009 located in Mobile. (15) barges built in 1994 located in New Orleans.
TM2734H 240' 55' 12' Supper Jumbo Hopper 4000 Ton U. S. East Coast $900,000 ABS Certified. Call for photos and pricing
TM2788DS 360' 56' -  Scow Barge MI $900,000 No current ABS Load Line. Equipped with bow thruster. Always used in fresh water.
TM2634H 260' 52' 12' Supper Jumbo Hoppers TX New Price


Barge built in 1982
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